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Lastest news as of February 19, 2017, 5:40 am
President Donald Trump plans to spend his Sunday interviewing candidates for national security adviser, talking to foreign leaders and attending a health care policy meeting. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Drivers experienced a headache on Saturday coming to Indiana over the northbound Twin Bridge. Traffic was backed up for miles on the Henderson strip. Crews had the northbound bridge down to one lane and will continue to have those restrictions in place until they finish up the work on Sunday. Crews are installing new solar navigation lights. Copyright 2017 WFIE. All rights reserved. ? Source: Headline News - WFIE
Only a few weeks into the new legislative session and protesters are calling for Indiana Senator Todd young to hold a town hall, where they can voice their concerns over president trump's first month in office. Carrie Klause says she's been calling Senator Young's office for weeks.  Source: Headline News - WFIE
The Discover the Dinosaurs Unleashed Tour opened on Saturday.  Source: Headline News - WFIE
If viewing on mobile, click here. President Donald Trump will speak at a rally in Melbourne, Florida.  Copyright 2017 WVUE. All rights reserved. Source: Headline News - WFIE
To accommodate those with busy schedules, the United States Postal Service held a passport fair at several of their branches, including the one in Jasper, Indiana.  Source: Headline News - WFIE
Omar Abdel-Rahman was convicted in 1995 of seditious conspiracy and sentenced to life in prison. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Norma McCorvey's identity was kept secret during the case as "Jane Roe." She later revealed her true identity and authored multiple books about the case and the Supreme Court's historic 7-2 ruling overturning state bans on abortion. Source: Headline News - WFIE
One person was taken into custody after an attempt to evade police. Source: Headline News - WFIE
An Evansville woman is being charged with Driving While Intoxicated, after she was stopped by an Indiana State Police Trooper. Source: Headline News - WFIE
A dog named Diamond was getting impatient for its owner to return from a lunch stop at Subway and took matters into its own paws. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Vice President Mike Pence is looking to reassure skeptical allies in Europe about U.S. foreign policy under President Donald Trump. Source: Headline News - WFIE
President Donald Trump is marking his first month in the White House by doing what he loves best: campaigning. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Family and former neighbors of the Indonesian woman suspected of involvement in the audacious killing of the North Korean leader's half brother are stunned by the arrest of the young mother who they say was a polite and quiet "nice girl.". Source: Headline News - WFIE
Sargento says there have been no confirmed illnesses stemming from the recall. Source: Headline News - WFIE
The humidity in Louisiana presents a constant battle for people who have frizzy hair. Alden Clark, 13, says she used to battle a rats' nest on her head every morning before school. Source: Headline News - WFIE
A dozen employees at Sun Windows in Owensboro didn't show up for work yesterday.  Source: Headline News - WFIE
Friends and family celebrated the life of Laura Eastwood, the wife shot and killed by her husband in a murder-suicide. Dozens of people gathered at the K-Mart parking lot in Henderson Friday night to pray and release balloons into the sky. {PREVIOUS: Police: Husband shot & killed his wife before killing himself; names released} "I wish I could have told her I loved her one more time, or hugged her one more time," cried Laura's close friend, Stephanie Fu... Source: Headline News - WFIE
A raccoon got a free ride he didn't ask for.  Source: Headline News - WFIE
An expansion is in the works for west side restaurant and bar, Hagedorn. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Ever since the new Walmart in Hanson opened, police runs to the store have spiked. Source: Headline News - WFIE
California faces a powerful storm that forecasters say could be the strongest in years or even decades. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Dogs like Doctor Suess, too.  At least that's what a group of students at Resurrection in Vanderburgh County say. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding wants a piece of equipment to help keep drugs out of the jail. Source: Headline News - WFIE
The family and friends of Terry and Pamela Bailey received guests at the couple's visitation in Center Friday. The Baileys were killed Wednesday when the helicopter Terry Bailey was piloting went down over a Louisiana lake. Source: Headline News - WFIE
The mother of a Conway man arrested and accused of planning an attack "in the spirit of Dylann Roof" said her entire family is currently in shock.  Source: Headline News - WFIE
An investigation is underway and charges have been filed over a reported, inappropriate relationship between a volunteer coach and a student at Clay-Chalkville High School.  Source: Headline News - WFIE
A Meadow Lands Elementary School student in Daviess County took a break from classes today to help manage the school. Source: Headline News - WFIE
More than 6 million people have watched the emotional farewell to a fallen soldier. Source: Headline News - WFIE
A 75-year-old woman had to be was rescued from her Springfield Twp. home on Thursday night, after being unable to leave her living room chair for over a year.  Source: Headline News - WFIE
Doctors are seeing more people with the flu this week. Source: Headline News - WFIE
State police are currently in a standoff in Spencer County. Source: Headline News - WFIE
Ivy Tech students rolled up their sleeves this week for the 6th annual Days of Service. Source: Headline News - WFIE
The 29th annual Pancake Days is taking place at the downtown YMCA in Evansville this weekend.  Source: Headline News - WFIE
Multiple officials responded Friday when a Smith County inmate climbed a 10-foot tall basketball goal and refused to come down. Source: Headline News - WFIE


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